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Hello you beautiful soul,

Kev here,

I am a soul journeying through life on Earth in this beautiful body, that goes by the name of Kevin Paul Humphrey.

I live in Buckinghamshire, England (UK) with my gorgeous wife Emma.

I think of myself as a Human Being, A Horse Rider, A Software Geek, A Coach for the HAVE IT ALL Life and a Digital Entrepreneur.

Like many of us I worked in corporate business for many years and for a number of reasons, one being the commute of 3 hours a day and the ache from my heart and soul to do something worth while, I looked and found a way to Freedom and to having it all in life without causing suffering to others.

I've had a long career in Information Technology or as people understand better "Computer's" (33 years in total), and you can see my career path on Linkedin Kevin on Linkedin

This career paid the bills and in the early days I enjoyed the work, yet over the years I'd become jaded and had started to really find it hard being stuck in the office, often in endless meetings.

I started to look at running a business using my computing and marketing skills. However I wanted to ensure those skills were current and started to look for a training course to hone the skills.

Eventually I found a digital training scheme and I signed up for an introduction video series. I then spoke to a real person and linked up with them on Facebook and over a period of weeks I reviewed the internet and found nothing but good comments about the training.

As per Kiam's famous catchphrase, "I liked the shaver so much, I bought the company", I bought into the training and now provide my own training and can supplement that with courses from the best of breed training available.

I started by studies in September 2014 and now understand digital marketing [ Facebook, Twitter, Google +, Youtube, Linkedin & Pinterest ] and I keep my skills up to date through the Digital Experts Academy (DEA), a training platform that has people from all over the world on board.

Over the last few years I have also been working on my mindset and understanding my mind and my WHY. I've learnt how to be more present and to be less driven by what happens to me. I have more control over how I react to life, and that has made it very easy to choose each day to be Happy and Free of worry.

I've loved learning so much that I wanted to 'pay it forward' and I am now a coach myself and I offer with my partners, a complementary 10-day introduction, a100-day masterclass and year long and life long group and one-on-one coaching, so that you can find that moment of ultimate freedom, where you can be totally the true and authentic you.

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