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Personal Life Coach & Reiki Practitioner

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I spent many years in the fitness industry and later in the recruitment and property industries !

You may think that those things are not connected but for me they are. I have always had a love of seeing people grow and change and realise theirs goals and dreams. Wether it is dream body, job or home. The look in someones eyes when they start to achieve their dream has always driven me

So in 2010 I took all my years of people study and knowledge to the next level when, after an inspired conversation with my girlfriend at the time, I qualified as a Life Coach.  This to me was a true passion and calling. It was everything that drove me all rolled into one.

What happened next was a true journey. I loved coaching and at the same time I knew there was something still missing. I felt like I wasn’t being effective enough on a personal level and a wider level.  Then I worked out what it was. It was me! Not the outside me the inside me. I needed more growth. So I took a break from coaching and went and got a coach for me and went on a deep personal development journey of my own. I stayed working within the property industry whilst spending my spare time on my own growth and learning journey.

Then things started to change and I started to realise my own dreams. I started my online business, left the property industry and moved to my dream destination - Ibiza. Then boom, a big emotional and personal upheaval.  Because of my growth, journey and training I knew that there was a message for me in the middle of the emotional upheaval and choas and the message came to me. It was time to get back out there and share the power and impact of coaching. It had had such an impact on my life I knew I wanted to share this with others. 

I also knew that now i was ready and also armed with my newly learned online educattion. I had the power to affect thousands and thousands of lives. 

With all of these things coming together,  I now know I am truly living my purpose.

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